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  • Love Tall Buildings? Here are 7 reasons why Tall Building have a Disadvantage

Love Tall Buildings? Here are 7 reasons why Tall Building have a Disadvantage


Increment in the land expenses and request to fulfil vast populace in urban areas have made an entryway for the development of tall structures, for the most part known as Multi-storeyed Buildings.

These days multi-storeyed structures have turned out to be basic and inescapable in urban communities. Structures with in excess of five stories are called multi-story structures, and for the most part tall structures in urban areas have five to twelve stories. Be that as it may, in metropolitan areas like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad, 30 to 45 story structures have also made their presence.

What should be kept in Mind while making a Tall building?

  1. The RCC outlines fundamentally comprise of pillars, segments and pieces for floors or rooftops. If there should be an occurrence of expansive ranges for better appropriation of load, auxiliary pillars traversing crosswise over fundamental bars can be included.
  2. RCC outlines are solid (uniform) development of shafts, sections and pieces. Due to solid design, change and bending moments are decreased which results in practical development and furthermore guarantees further satisfactory wellbeing of the structure.
  3. The general arrangement is the development of sections pursued by shafts, cross bars and pieces all in all.
  4. The stature of the sections is cemented to give appropriate lap with the sides of the pillars and segments in highest stories.
  5. The cementing technique is equivalent to for different structures and in any case, a successive methodology must be pursued. Here the frameworks for different sections to be thrown are first should be introduced and assembled in position. Required fortification is then put and cemented, and formwork is expelled after the solid has sufficiently accomplished enough strength.

Advantages of a Tall Building

  1. They spare space and suit more occupants when compared with shorter structures.
  2. The higher floors are moderately increasingly breezy and with more sunlight falling.
  3. Taller structures are a great choice for the making of a green structure since they are increasingly lit, breezy and give progressively have large surface region to introduce solar panels.
  4. They are considerably more practical as purchasing a little land and developing a tall structure is more reasonable than buying a large land.

Disadvantages of a Tall Building

  1. The development of exceptionally tall structures requires profoundly talented specialists and draftsmen to plan the structure, in this manner expanding the all out expense.
  2. Exceptionally tall structures bear wind powers and seismic powers as well as all the load the building holds including people and other loads.
  3. Structures which are over 100 stories tall face the issue of wavering, once in a while bringing about slamming or breaking of windowpanes.
  4. The foundations of these exceptionally tall structures with little development land is under the enormous burden and falling flat off soil may prompt breakdown of the structure.
  5. Constant oscillations of these buildings may give a nauseating or dizzying feeling to the people present in the building.