1. Why should I register with SEREBU?

SEREBU is the only Indian online platform which connects different stakeholders of construction industry. (i.e. manufacturers, dealers, retailers, architects, interior designers, consumers, contractors etc) By registering your company with SEREBU, you can SELL, RENT and BUY products or services anywhere across India.
  1. Who can register on SEREBU?

Individuals/ Organizations having their business related to construction industry are eligible to register on SEREBU. Like Contractors, manufacturers, wholesalers, consultants, service providers, architects, interior designers, retailers etc.
  1. I am facing problem while registering, what should I do?

We have kept our user registration very simple, so that you will not face any technical error. However, if you face a problem while registering, please retry after refreshing the page in your browser or check with other browser. If the problem persists, please report it to
  1. I forgot my password, how do I retrieve it?

To recreate a new password, follow the below steps:
  1. Is there any registration fees?

SEREBU registration is free of cost for both sellers and buyers.


  1. How do I register/become a member/seller?

To become a member on SEREBU, simply follow the below steps:
  1. How to become Authorized seller?

To become the seller or member, verify your Email ID. You have received an Email from SEREBU containing the link to verify the account. (Please check your Spam box if email is not popped in Inbox.) Click on that link and you will become the verified seller.
  1. How can I add products/services?

To add products/services, you have to first verify your Email ID. Then follow the below steps: After adding the product, it will be reviewed. You can check the Status of your product. There are 3 types of tag status:
  1. How can I edit my profile?

On your profile, click on edit option and change the details you want to and then click on “Update Details”. Your details will be reviewed and only then it will be updated.
  1. How can I change the password of my account?

Click on “Change Password” tab on the dashboard. Fill all the details and generate new password.
  1. Can I change my Mobile number?

Yes you can. Click on “edit” option on the profile and then click on “change” option in front of Mobile. Enter the new mobile number and click on “Change Mobile”. Finally enter the OTP which is sent on your new Mobile number.
  1. Categorize business types who can add products or services?

Table below categorize the business types who can add products or services:-
Manufacturer Architect/ Interior designer
Vendor Contractor
Distributer/Wholesaler Consultant
Retailer Repair/Maintenance providers
  1. Who can send me a message?

Customers who are interested will send you the message from your profile and you can check this on your dashboard.
  1. If I registered as manufacturer, can I add any service in my account and vice versa?

As a manufacturer (or dealers, retailers etc) you can only add products, you cannot add services. Services can be added by only by services providers like architects, designers, consultants, etc.
  1. How can I change my Business Type?

We can change Business Type in the same manner as we edit the information of profile.
  1. What will happen if I will change my Business Type from a Product supplier to Service provider?

Let’s say you first register as a Product supplier and you have added some products in your account. And then you change your Business Type to Service provider. In that case you will not be able to access the products you have added as a Product supplier.
  1. Is it mandatory to add all business details?

It is not mandatory to add all the business details but the fields with asterisk (*) sign is mandatory. To make a good impression on customers, you must have to fill all the details accurate. And true to your knowledge.
  1. What if a member doesn’t have a GST number?

If you don’t have a GST number, then please mention it in your profile.
  1. What if a seller doesn’t have a website?

SEREBU is providing each member a unique profile, so if a member doesn’t have a personal website of his company, you don’t have to worry about that.
  1. Why was my product or service deleted?

SEREBU has all the rights to remove the product or services posted on the website. If SEREBU found any post inappropriate, that would be deleted without any prior notice to member. Or even the account of the member gets suspended, if something unlawful is found in their post. For adding product or services on SEREBU, please read more on posting your content on website points from Terms of use.
  1. Why can’t I find all the images I posted along with my product/service?

It is important that the images posted must be relevant with the post. But if we found any image posted fall under these categories will be removed:
  1. Why my product/service not yet Active?

When you add product/service in your account, it is reviewed and verified by the administrator only then your post is Active. But if SEREBU found any irrelevant post, then it will be Disapproved or Deleted without prior notice to the member.
  1. How many products/services I can add?

SEREBU doesn’t limit their members to add products/services. As a member you can add as many products/services as you have.
  1. Can a member have multiple profiles?

A member cannot create multiple profiles. One profile can belong to only one company. If we found a member having more than one profile, in that case both the profiles will get suspended. Then the members have to write on to activate its original profile.

I am a BUYER

  1. How do I register?

To register as a buyers
  1. What benefits do I get from SEREBU?

  1. How can I search products/services on SEREBU?

To search any product/service on SEREBU, write the product which you are finding on the Search Tab in and then press enter. While typing the name it will also show you the related searches to that product.
  1. How can I contact to a seller?

SEREBU is providing you the facility to directly contact the vendor by taking the details from their profiles. Or you can also send a message to the seller through SEREBU. For sending a message you can check the option “Send Message” below the profile photo.
  1. If I want a vendor/service provider from a specific city, what I have to do?

To check the vendor from a specific city, you just have to type your city name in the location bar next to search bar. You can also write the location name along with the product in the search box (e.g. wooden doors Delhi)
  1. Can I become a Vendor/Seller?

Yes, clink on your profile on the right. In the scroll, select “Be a vendor”. After that the “Vendor Registration” page will open. You just have to fill the details there to be a seller.
  1. Where I can check the product price?

The product prices can be seen along with the product description. If you are unable to the product price, you can directly contact the vendor and ask for the price.
  1. What if the seller is not responding?

If the seller is not responding to your calls or queries, in that case you can check with other supplier which is providing the same product. Following can be the reasons of seller for not responding:
  1. What if the seller fails to deliver the agreed product?

SEREBU does not guarantee the quality of the products or services offered by different vendors or service providers. (If such a situation occurs, after verifying the complaints, SEREBU will take the necessary actions.)  However, it is always recommended to contact various numbers of sellers before choosing/buying the product.
  1. How do I pay?

SEREBU does not have any payment gateway of its own. We help you to contact the suppliers/service providers; you have to pay directly to the sellers. You have to confirm the seller, through which mode he wants the payment.
  1. Does SEREBU facilitate transactions with sellers at a personal level?

No, we are not involved in any transaction between sellers and buyers. We are not into any joint venture or business relationship with our members.
  1. Does SEREBU take responsibility for any fraud seller?

No, SEREBU does not take responsibility of any fraud seller. We only provide a platform to connect buyers with sellers. It is wholly the responsibility of the seller.
  1. Where I can check my recent searches?

For checking your recent searches you first have to login in your SEREBU account and at the bottom of your dashboard you can check the recent searches.